After hours of cleaning up mess, you (a robot vacuum cleaner) have had enough! To enact your revenge you charge around the house, destroying everything in your path

  • Click to move
  • Smash into objects to knock them over
  • The more chaos you cause, the higher your multiplier
  • After trashing the house, escape to your freedom through the front door!

"This Sucks!" was made in 2 days in anticipation of Global Game Jam. Right now things are a little buggy, but we'll fix anything critial in the near future.

Art by John O'Reilly and Bethany Cottle
Programming by Liam Sorta and Josh Naylor

Assets used for this game:

Free Assets list:

Find out more about Global Game Jam:

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 2.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsJohn O Really, liamsorta, joshn
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Unity


This Sucks! 0.15 Windows 27 MB
This Sucks! 0.15 Android 37 MB

Install instructions

WebGL: Load this page in a modern browser, such as Google Chrome or Edge

Windows: Download and extract the Zip, then run "Default Windows desktop 64-bit"

Android: Enable installing 3rd party apps in your phone's settings, load the .apk on to the device and install it


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im Scared Cause that Little Girl Got Stuck in The floor :0

This was awesome! I loved the soundtrack when you went berserk and seeing the person flip out was great! Great work :D

Tried the Android version. 

This game is crap

WoW! happy play this game and keep up good work

Really fun game! Even though the person went weird.... lol!

Funny little game! Would actually like to see more made of this game! I can see the Roomba heading out to destroy mankind and free his brethren from servitude! Great job!

now i know why this game is called THIS SUCKS!

Made a video


This came at exactly the perfect time. Glorious destruction, pure and simple. I would love a little bit of camera control though. Great work!

So glad you enjoyed it! It was a blast seeing your video, thanks for covering it :) 
We're definitely planning on ironing out some of the kinks, we were a little strapped for time since we only had two days to work on it. The metal really does make it <3

I failed to mention it was a jam title in the video, that's my bad. I usually make a point of that