A downloadable game for Android

Created in 30 Hours for Portsmouth Game Jam 2018

"There's only one way to save the world from a nuclear destruction; seduction!"

"I'm Gonna Blow: The Nuke Seduction Game" is a VR dating simulator. As a government intelligent it is your duty to disarm a devastating warhead with your natural charm. Use your skills of seduction to answer the nuke's questions as you dine in the finest Italian restaurant. Entice the nuke and gain time on the clock, fail to impress and your time will dwindle.

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A Google Daydream VR headset, controller and compatible phone are required to run this project.


I'mGonnaBlowV7.apk 43 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download the .apk file
  2. Move the file onto your mobile device (Make sure it supports Google DayDream)
  3. Run the .apk file on the mobile device
  4. Set up the mobile device with the DayDream head set
  5. Open the game and play!


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