bbq daddy 0.3 released!

Hey guys! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has played our game and left feedback! Lewis and I have really been enjoying watching everyone's videos, and hearing what you have to say about our game. 

Since we first posted the game we've taken a little time to add some small improvements:

  • The Game is now challenging!
    When I first concieved the game, I always thought it would be funny if the burgers just kept falling at an increasing rate. However we just never added this to the first release. Lewis has now added increasing levels of difficulty as time goes on. Rejoice, as the game is no longer super easy!
  • Shadows are Crispy!
    In the first release there were some discrepancies between the built version of the game, and the what we saw in the editor. I've hunted down these settings and fixed them. The most noticable fix is the shadows, going from pixelated to crispy and fresh.
  • Burgers act like burgers on the spatula! 
    Burgers used to move with the spatula like you were a Jedi daddy, and not a bbq daddy. Lewis has made a new controller, and now the whole thing plays a lot nicer. 
  • Everything is (just slightly) louder!
    I thought it was just a little quiet, I think I turned up the game sound by 30%.
  • Mac users can now play!
    I've built a version of the game for Mac OS X, however I cannot ensure the stability of the build, as I cannot test it myself. Hopefully it works ok!

In the future we're hoping to add to the game, new challenges, new UI and most importantly: new dad heckles. We were really suprised at the attention our little 2 day game jam game has gotten, and we can't wait to see where the project goes. 



bbq daddy 0.3 Windows 43 MB
Nov 01, 2018
bbq daddy 0.3 Mac OS X 46 MB
Nov 01, 2018

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